The Making Inquiry Possible Project (MIP) is a professional learning initiative undertaken by C3 Teachers with support from the University of Kentucky’s College of Education. The MIP project features a series of documentary films and professional learning materials designed to assist educators in implementing inquiry and to facilitate discussions about the triumphs and challenges that teachers, students, and districts experience as they put inquiry-based standards into practice.

The Teachers

Teachers in the Making Inquiry Possible films deserve stars on an Educators Walk of Fame. Summer, Sarah, Ryan, Ryan, and their colleagues opened their classrooms and, and despite the chaos of the beginning of the pandemic in February/March 2020, they showed us inquiry grit! Portrayals of social studies teachers often make a silly or inane caricature of educators. Not this cast!

Behind the scenes footage would reveal boom microphones, multiple cameras, and extensive lighting packages invading their classroom and meeting spaces. Without flinching, these teachers walked right into the spotlight and articulated the why and the what of meaningful, inquiry-based social studies instruction. What you see in these films is the very best of the profession.

Kathy Swan

Kathy was the Project Director and Executive Producer of the Making Inquiry Possible (MIP) project. Kathy is a professor of social
studies education at the University of Kentucky and has worked alongside her C3 Teachers colleagues to articulate and champion inquiry
in the great state of Kentucky and across the country. This film project represents her directorial debut.

Ryan Crowley

Ryan Crowley served as a Co-Investigator and Executive Producer of the MIP project. Ryan is an associate professor of social studies education at the University of Kentucky where his research focuses on issues of race and equity in education. His work has intersected with inquiry and the work of C3 Teachers in making inquiry-based teaching more inclusive. Ryan also has an extensive background in moving equipment and played a critical role as the “Key Grip” on location.

Gerry Swan

Gerry Swan led the professional learning initiative and served as a Co-Investigator on the MIP project. Gerry is an associate professor of Instructional Systems Design and Assistant Dean of Program Assessment at the University of Kentucky. In addition to a background in inquiry in science education, he brings experience in developing MOOC-like professional development to both K-12 and higher education settings. He created the Digital Driver’s License which hosts the MIP professional learning modules. He is the Napster.

C3 Teachers aims to empower teachers as they wrestle with the big ideas and instructional implications of the C3 Framework. The C3 Teachers initiative is guided by John Lee (North Carolina State University), Kathy Swan (University of Kentucky), and SG Grant (Binghamton University). John, Kathy, and SG have worked as leaders and writers in the C3 Framework project and know first hand the critical role teachers play in the implementation and realization of inquiry based instruction. The MIP project brought the three together again on this ambitious project to bring IDM inquiry to life through film. This website and the three films featured are co-produced and made possible by the collaboration that is at the heart of C3 Teachers.

Rapt Productions is a film company based in Lexington, Kentucky co-founded by two dynamic and immensely talented filmmakers, Callaway Stivers and Gates Sweeney. Their portfolio ranges from real estate commercials to wedding video projects. This was their (and our) first experience documenting social studies instruction through film, and through the collaborative process, we all received an education about making inquiry possible.

Another Big Thank You

Thank you to the Woodford County School District and Jefferson County Public Schools for the support in creating the Making Inquiry Possible (MIP) project.

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Making Inquiry Possible Project, please contact us.