For teachers interested in implementing inquiry in their classrooms, it can help to see what inquiry looks like in action! In this film, we feature two teachers implementing the same inquiry, Can the Civics Test Make You a Better Citizen? The teachers lead students through an investigation of a state-mandated civics test, a current graduation requirement for Kentucky students, in order to evaluate the ways in which the test addresses needed knowledge and skills to prepare students for active engagement in civic life.  See inquiry come alive as teachers take us through the instructional steps of implementing an inquiry.

Digital Driver’s License – What Does Inquiry Look Like?

The Digital Driver’s License ( is a free online platform that enables teachers and students to earn badges or licenses for various topics. As part of the MIP work, professional learning modules were created within the DDL to help districts and schools use the films in their professional learning efforts. If you would like to access these materials for your district, just send an email to to get your district, school, or PLC added to the system and the MIP license activated.

Teaching Inquiry

Take a Look inside the inquiry featured in the film or read an article that explains the approach: Can the Civics Test Make You a Good Citizen?

Writing Inquiries

Need help getting started writing your own inquiries?
Here are some resources that can help you get started.

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